KS CoverKELSEY’S SONG   —  The WILDER Series #1

JD Hewlitt gave up the good life.
He quit his high-stress job, sold his high-rise condo and left his high-maintenance girlfriend behind to start over in Nashville. Three years later, his band Wilder is still struggling for the recognition they deserve and his hopes aren’t what they used to be. Out of the blue he gets a call that an ex-girlfriend passed away – leaving him a child he didn’t know he had. To make matters worse, his six year old daughter, Andie, is a demon.

Kelsey Conklin never had the good life.
She’s always taken care of everyone and everything around her, including her entire family. But now it’s just her and her two kids. She’s packed up her past and moved them all to Nashville to start over. All she really wants is a quiet life and she’s pretty sure she knows how her story works.

But JD and Andie need her. And it turns out that she and her kids need them, too. Somewhere along the way, JD becomes something she can’t live without, and something she never thought she’d have.
With a little ingenuity, they can make this work. And maybe JD knows what she needs better than she ever did. . . .

SC Cover


Nora Davidson always had it all figured out.
When she became pregnant as a teenager, she married her true love young and they made it work. When her young son and husband were killed by a drunk driver, she threw herself into her job, becoming one of the lead performers at the Houston Ballet. But when her career as a dancer is over and she moves home with her father, nothing is what she expected – not her dance school, not her father and certainly not TJ.

TJ Hewlitt always figured he didn’t have to have it planned out at all.
He’s the frontman for the chart-topping band Wilder, and he can have and do whatever he wants. He doesn’t know his bandmates are worried about his wild behavior. But one night, one too many put him in the hospital with a nearly severed spinal cord that he might not recover from.

TJ’s world has been turned upside down. He can’t walk, can’t sing, and then there’s Nora . . . a girl from his past with a past of her own. Can they open up enough to find what they both want?


Bree Walters knows better than anyone that things can change on a dime. Rf Cover
In her work as an EMT she sees it happening all the time. She just never really thought it would happen to her. When her husband, Brandon, is killed in a car accident, her world crashes around her.

Luckily, Brandon’s best friend, movie star Marco DeLucci, is there for her. With no remaining family of his own, he was always more like a brother anyway. They find they can lean on each other for the support they need.

Marco has been her family as much as Brandon was, so when she starts to think of him another way, it’s almost more than either of them can handle. Marco wants Bree, but can’t shake the feeling that she’s still Brandon’s wife.

Will they be able to find hope in the changes? Can they make a new life, and see that sometimes love is right in front of you . . .

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WISHCRAFT  —  The MAGIC BOX series #1

Delilah Goodman has spent the past year doing what she does best: casting simple spells and trying to get over the heartbreaking betrayal that left her husband and her younger sister dead. Raised as a witch, there’s a lot she can do, and a lot she can’t, so she spends her time working as a pastry chef. She’s trying to heal, but in the meantime she’s become a regular at a bar down the street. And Brandon is just another night that she’ll remember and he won’t.

Brandon Stewart literally doesn’t know what hit him. He knows he went into the bar with his friends and after that . . . he just can’t recall. He does have a vague recollection of a hot blonde and a craving for pumpkin cake. With spiced whipped cream. And chocolate.

Neither of them can fight the force that pulls them back together. As Brandon becomes more important to her, Delilah realizes that what she’s done is so very wrong. Her own sister altered her memories, and Delilah knows how it feels to be played. She has to come clean to Brandon, but will he ever forgive her?

JENN X  — COMING FALL 2015Jenn X Coming Soon

“Are you or are you not having raging hot sex with Walker Booth?”

That was the question that sent Jennifer Lesley into a tailspin. It didn’t matter if the sex was mind blowing, it was just a friends-with-benefits kind of thing anyway. Now, she had to break it off with Walker, because Clark Fuller had asked her out.

Clark has everything Jenn wants and needs—the whole checklist—and rumor is he’s looking for a wife to fill that big, pretty house of his with love and kids. So what if Walker warns her off? He has no idea what he’s talking about.

Walker doesn’t have anything on Jenn’s checklist. A portrait artist with remarkable skill, he’s paying his rent, but not much more. He doesn’t want the wife and kids and pretty house . . . and he doesn’t seem to understand that a career woman over thirty is more likely to get accidentally pregnant than she is to get married.

When Jenn is surprised to find the lines on her own pregnancy test turn blue, the lines between what she wants and what’s really perfect start to get a little blurry.

DreamWalker Coming SoonDREAMWALKER  —  The MAGIC BOX series #2  —  COMING EARLY 2016

Yasmin knew better than to cast that spell, but she’s been in love with Tristan since she took the job in his family’s magic store several years ago. He’s a legacy witch from an old line and she’s new to the craft, but that shouldn’t make a difference. And he should notice her . . .

But the push she gave the universe must have gone a little wrong. She’s suddenly involved in a shooting, an officer has witnessed her newfound magic skills, and she’s got a police detail following her everywhere she goes.

There’s no time to charm Tristan while she’s trying to explain the unexplainable. And Luke Salzone, the police officer on her case, is trying to uncover just what she did, what she is. It turns out Luke is hard to escape—when Yasmin falls asleep at night, he’s walking her dreams.